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Solve Me.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Them Jerks

It's official. I can't trust guys anymore.
I can't, I won't, I don't.

Sorry for stereotyping but reality bites. Its bites dig deep and can cause a scar that may take forever to heal.

I don't like scars. Aside from the arduous memories they bring, they're ugly and unattractive. Nothing an 'I-believe-in-fairytales' girl like me can ever handle.

What's with my yaps?

This guy.

I barely even know him. I'm pretty sure I've heard his name tons of times but I don't know a single thing about him. People asked me if I knew him. All I ever did was raise my left eyebrow and shook my head. Friends started teasing me with him, a thing I found very odd because again, I don't know him. A common started sugar-coating this guy for me, telling me he's smart and kind and...

he liked me.

How can someone whom I don't even remember existing and who doesn't even know me like me?

He started chatting with me. We had really good conversations that would take for an hour or two. He made me listen to songs I was dying to hear and I did the same. I admired his great taste in music and his unusual love for senseless for YouTube videos --- something I also loved but thought could never share with anyone else. We started texting and yes, until dawn. He was not too sweet but not too bland, just how I like it. We had crazy things we planned to do together. Eating the world's best siomai, DOTA 101 tutorials. This 'thing' went on and on and yes, I thought I found the guy I never thought I was looking for.

Or so I thought.

Just when I realized that I was starting to really like this guy, he just stopped. He disappeared. Literally disappeared. No warnings, no goodbyes whatsoever. He just evaporated, leaving me dumbfounded.

Did I say something?
Did I fail to say something?

Lesson learned: NEVER TRUST GUYS. EVER.
(It's a lesson I learned. You don't have to hate guys, whoever is reading this)

Thank you for the false hopes, jerk. Making me learn this lesson the hard way slapped me enough. Thanks!