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Monday, April 4, 2011

Worth Every Risk

Typical story:

Boy meets girl in pre-school. Fate pushes them to be the best of friends. Time passes by and at the age of say, 16, both hearts are taken. Despite that reality, both still manages to catch up on each other's lives. When boy suffers a heartache, girl's there to be his "crying shoulder". When girl realizes her boyfriend's a jerk, boy attacks the bastard. And at one point, one realizes something..

Cliche, huh?

Yep, same cycle happens.

This might have happened to you already. For some, it is happening to them. But for me, it just might happen.

Let's look at the situation in two different angles.

Let's say I'm the boy and I fall for my best friend. I've seen her cry when she lost her doll in school. I've heard stories about her celebrity crushes and how she "mentally dates" them. I've seen her in her pajamas with no eyeliner and cheek tint. I've known her for as long as I remember and I don't think any boy has ever seen her, heard her and I guess, loved her the way I did and still do.

I hate to see her cry, though. It just gives the urge the give the bastard a headlock. I mean, those eyes! Tears don't deserve to stain those dainty eyes. They're perfect and the only thing I want to see with those tears is her smile when she's overjoyed. Plus, she doesn't deserve to cry. She doesn't deserve a heartache. She doesn't deserve to be mistreated. When I see her constantly checking her phone, waiting for that jerk's message, I just want to hug her tight and tell her that she deserves so much better --- someone better.

Someone like me.

This can happen to the girl too. I'm the girl now and I wake up to see a message from my best friend.

"Hey, can I see you today? I have a problem with *insert girlfriend's name here*"

Seeing the message, I cancel all my plans today, hit the showers, leave the house with barely no make-up on and rush to wherever my best friend is. I was with him when he scraped his knee, trying to teach me how to bike. I was with him when he had to put on a humongous shirt after being circumcised and boy was that hilarious! I was with him when he tried out for the soccer team. I didn't miss a game, not even once. I was with him for, well, ever and I know no girl will ever see him the way I do.

I can't stand the feeling of seeing him messed up over some bitch who doesn't even see his worth, though. He's awesome and I know he's got so much love in him. He's got so much to offer and I even consider the girls he's liked not just lucky, but blessed. I hate it when he turns into his girlfriend's driver who picks her up and drops her off anywhere, anytime. I hate it when he doesn't eat a decent meal just because he's saving for this branded bag his girlfriend demands from him. I hate it when he misses out on our movie nights just because he needs to what? Take his girlfriend's dog for a walk? He deserves so much better --- someone better.

Someone like me.

Falling in love with your best friend can be the most beautiful and most difficult thing that could ever happen to someone. Can you imagine being romantic with someone you used to wrestle before? Can you imagine going on a date with someone who used to listen to all your yaps about your new crush? Can you imagine walking down the aisle with someone who used to plan his dream wedding with you but his mind is locked on to some other bride or groom?

That's right, imagine it.

Falling in love with your best friend: It's worth every risk. Take it. :)

B :)