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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Understanding Nirvana

I will be turning twenty in a few months. Now that I am reaching the end of my 'teenage years', I have finally understood what Nirvana meant, what 'Teen Spirit' smells like.

I haven't been the best student this semester and I admit that. I lost track of my 'goody-old-Miss-Organized' self but honestly, I don't regret anything. I don't regret missing a few of my classes. I don't regret coming home late almost every night. I don't regret all the little white lies I told people just to get myself in a good time, because I am truly sorry for them and being the good Catholic that I am, I already confessed that. I don't regret all the nights intended for making homework and requirements I wasted to just go out and share a good laugh with new friends. And I don't regret knowing what 'Teen spirit' smells like.

So what does it smell like, really?

Teenage Spirit is the smell of:
- Sweat of different people in a moshpit in the middle of the gig of your favorite band
- Coffee while listening to your best friend's worst break-up story
- Cigarette that sticks on your hair (I don't smoke, but some of my friends do so yeah)
- Traces of liquor in your breath
- Hot instant noodles to get you out of a hangover
- The mixture of cigarette and beer when you enter a private karaoke room or a club
- Vomit
- A dirty bathroom
- Rain
- Hot chocolate, another option to get you out of a hangover
- Loose change
- Blood after getting your ears pierced
- The perfume you wear only when you are seeing your boyfriend (or pretend boyfriend)
- Newly-opened chips
- Your pillow after waking up to a night of endless crying
- Random people inside the jeepney because you don't have a car
- Your dog because sometimes, he's the only one who listens to you
- New books
- Your hair burning from all the ironing
- Hot instant noodles again because you're too lazy to cook 'real food'
- Your crush's perfume
- Make-up
- Sweat socks because at a point, you would swear to jog everyday but you know that's never really going to happen
- Newspaper because it's the closest you can get to being an adult
- Milk Tea. It's better than coffee.
- Rust of the guitar strings while you are trying to learn a new song but you're not patient so you just give up
- Garbage because you will remember that you're not supposed to throw your embarrassing quiz paper since it will be a part of your final compilation requirement
- New clothes because you use your allowance to shop

So far, this what I think 'teenage spirit' smells like for me. What does it smell like for you?