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Solve Me.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Damsel in Distress

In my seventeen years of existence, I've felt love at its best.. Or at least I think I have. Did I? 

Being in an age where an 'oh-my-gosh-having-a-boyfriend-is-so-awesome-and-you-should-have-one' maxim is the guiding principle, it is but consuming to accept the fact that I am a loser when it comes to this fad. I have no complaints about being single. really. I am happy with the way things are in my life. But I cannot deny that coping up with the pressure of having to find someone who they say will 'complete you' is a Herculean job. People try to instill in my mind that if I really want to enjoy my youth, I have to have a boyfriend. 


But what if I want to be the so-called 'damsel in distress' who'll wait for her hero to save her from wrath of the tower's dragon? What's wrong with that? While everyone's busy jumping off their towers and being the ones actually looking for their heroes, I want to be that lass who sits patiently because she knows that the best for her is yet to come. Feeling the dragon's fury, I want to count the days before my hero comes running in some fancy horse or a silly costume. I want to enjoy the thrill of waiting and constantly wondering if my hero will indeed arrive. I long to endure with the fact that I am the only one waiting in her tower.


And at the most unexpected circumstance, he will arrive. 

PS I am not sour graping. This is just a message for those who are pressured to jump off their towers. 
You're beautiful, you don't deserve to jump. You deserved to be rescued.