Solve Me.

Solve Me.
I'm a million different faces.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Win's Over?

I miss you. :D

That's how he typed it exactly. I'm uncertain if he means it or he's just playing around, but I took it the way I want it -- yes, he must've meant it. Lying to myself, I said the exact same thing and voila! Just like last summer, I'm playing the game I was never good at. 

He's winning. He always wins. From the time I've met him where he won my heart instantly to the very second he won me over some sugar-coated words, I've always hated him for winning too much. Too much of me, that is. 

He's cunning. Very cunning. His moves are unpredictable and they're not fair for an already-in-love-with-him young lady. His smiles are a strategy that has this force that somehow pushes me to let him win. Those eyes. Cliche as it may sound but they're designed to be perfect enough for one to be consumed with just one glance. His words.. Oh, those words. Damn, another strategy! They create a symphony that drives me to lose focus.

I have to win.
I have to win.

But then again, 

I'm giving in. His smile, his eyes, his words.. With the whole universe, they're conspiring against me. I fall, I'm consumed. Unconsciously, I'm conspiring against myself too


How long will I keep on losing?

Good Night. :}