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Friday, December 16, 2011

First of Christmas

16 Dec 11
T-Batch Christmas Party
Corona del Mar
Pooc, Talisay City Cebu

T-Batch | Second Year Communication Students of STC

Aside from the start of the 2011 Misa de Gallo, December 16 also marks a day of fun, laughter and most importantly, FOOD! Hahahaha! My batch mates and I celebrated our first Christmas Party together wet and wild! We didn't care about the storm shenanigans and the distance of the venue! All we ever wanted was to celebrate the last hoorah of 2011 together! :)

So, how did it go?
- THE TRANSPORTATION!We rode a construction truck from STC to Talisay, which is by the way, rather far. It was one fun ride! :)
- THE ELEVATOR! The truck had this amazing elevator thing. No words can ever describe its awesomeness.
- THE PLACE WAS BEYOND COMPARE! It was peaceful and exclusive! For a person who hates swimming in pools filled with people you don't know like me, the place would probably be perfect.
- THE FOOD. The barbeque was so delicious! Hahahahahaha! :)
_ THE GIFT! I loved my gifts! Special thanks to Fresha Anne who got a wallet and a make-up brush set. ♥
- THE STORM! Okay, so there was a little storm. So what? It added more action to our party! (Well, minus the 'Mom calling...' screen always appearing on my phone part)
- THE PEOPLE♥ My batch mates are the best. 'nuff said!

Anyway, I had so much fun today! I'm already looking forward to next year's party! :)

Adios, mi amigas!
♥ G'night!