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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Misa de Gallo

18 December 2011

Just as I stepped on the dreamland, my Mom had woken me up extra-early because she wanted me to join her for Misa de Gallo. Considering the fact that I got home at 1AM and slept at 2AM, 3AM is definitely not a very wonderful time for me to put on a happy face and go to church. And did I mention that my throat is being such a holiday spoiler now? Christmas is not a very good time for a sore throat. I know you'd say "Hear, hear!" to that.

But despite all the reasons I try to use to convince myself to stay in love with my bed, I still got up, brushed my teeth, pulled out anything "church-able" to wear, tied up a bun and left the house with nothing but my favorite lipstick on.

No matter how the Misa de Gallo's time run contrary to my waking-up routine, I still love it. Even if Sacred Heart is the last church you'd wanna go early in the morning, I still love it. Although sometimes, the priest's voice make it very easy for me to catch some Z's in the middle of his homily, I still love it.

I don't know why, but Misa de Gallo just has this thing that gets me. HAHAHAHAHA. :)

It's 1:55 AM. I barely have an hour to sleep. But still, I am going to church :)

Oh, look! Puto cheese and bibingka! One of the reasons why I love Misa de Gallo! :)

G'night! :)
B ♥