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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hair Ye, Hair Ye!

"Should I cut my hair?"
"Should I curl my hair?"

Trust me, hair is one of the most important things to us, girls! Even the slightest flaw our hair can have, we notice. Maybe it's because our hair is our so-called "crowning glory." Whatever our hairstyle is, that's how our face and our personality will automatically be to others. Plus, aside from the eyes, hair can also be the mirror of a girl's soul! At least I think it is, that is! It reflects a girl's mood and personality!

Do you now get why hair is so important? :p

So I have two dilemmas right now and yes, they both concern my hair! (oh, how self-absorbed can I get, but whatever)

Should I cut my hair or just let it be the long hair everyone wants it to be for almost three frickin years?

Long hair!

Short hair!

Next up, I'm really perplexed! Should I maintain my straight hair or curl it permanently? I know most girls would want a curly hair but gosh, I've been told that curly hair is the hardest style to maintain! BUT! I'm bored with my straight hair! YOU decide! :))

Straight hair!

Curly hair!

Which hairstyle do you think suits me best? Let me know! :))

Thaaaaaaaaaanks! :* ♥