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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Friendzone

Okay, disregard the first two photos and focus on the last two.

Bad boys go to hell, good boys go to the friendzone.


First, allow me to elaborate on what a "Friendzone" is. The Friendzone, according to some of my 'oh-so-experienced-love-guru-friends," is where good and potential boyfriends go. Period.

Second, POTENTIAL BOYFRIENDS. I don't get why Tumblr and 9Gag and the rest of the universe take the "Friendzone" as something to be abominated. It's not. The Friendzone can mean a lot of things to girls.

- It means we want to get to know you better.
I mean, come on! We can't just call you our boyfriends right away without becoming your friend first.

- We want to see if you are really sincere
It takes a lot of time for a girl to trust a guy. It can't happen in the blink of an eye. When you're in the friendzone, it means we're allowing you to prove to us that you really love us.

- You haven't got the balls to actually tell us how you feel
We are not some psycho-fortune-telling-witches who can predict how you feel. And even if we get a hint that you like us, we will always, ALWAYS deny it until you say it. So say it. Just say it.

- We respect you.
You are not some kind of food sample in the grocery mall. When we don't like your taste, we spit you out. It doesn't work that way. We respect you that much that's why you're in the friendzone. So stop whining.

- We want time
In this world of the fast and the immediate, there are still things that work best if taken slowly. What's the rush, anyway? If you really like us, then you're willing to wait -- there in the friendzone.

- You're still a friend no matter what
If we don't feel it, then we don't feel it. Respect it. We respect you as a friend, so respect us as your friend, too.

So guys and the rest of the world who think that the Friendzone is a bad place, stop complaining. You are there for a reason and you won't stay there forever.