Solve Me.

Solve Me.
I'm a million different faces.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Whose Blog Is This, Anyway?

I am Bea.

I am nowhere near perfect. I make mistakes as if they were scheduled on my planner.

My dreams are unimaginable. From winning a national speech contest down to my childhood frustration of being a world-renowned ballerina, (which I know is next to impossible) I'm ready to enter the battlefield armored with nothing but confidence and faith in Him.

I know the value of respect and I hope you do too. If you don't, I totally respect that.

My unpredictability is severe and I don't need doctors to cure it.

I find happiness in a small ball of hazelnut chocolate. You call it Ferrero Rocher, I call it heaven.

Math is exclusively 1+1 for me. Include those x's, √'s, ∑'s and %'s, I'd rather write an essay longer than the actual value of pi.

Music and I -- we're inseparable. Finding yourself perplexed after borrowing my iPod would be normal. Yes, I listen to Air Supply, Fra Lippo Lippi and all that shizz.

Mediocrity is never an option. If I can't make it excellently, I'd rather not make it.

Competition is my motivation.

I can be a total as-if-you-were-talking-to-an-adult kind of girl but don't be surprised if you see me running around like a complete imbecile with a water bottle, chasing the most irritating people. :)

I do my best in everything that I do not because I want to impress other people-- that can wait. Right now, I'm still in the process of impressing the most impossible critic -- myself.

I'm a debater and an orator. I take interest in making and delivering speeches.

I admit. Like Travie McCoy, I also wanna be a billionaire so frickin' bad!

I'm not the romantic type but until now, I still can't understand why I'm so in love with Nicholas Sparks' books.

A stormy night, a good book and warm milk in my bedroom is my own definition of a perfect night.

I like to dress up but I love to accessorize. I can spice up an ordinary shorts-and-top getup with a pair of unique earrings, oversized rings, necklaces and my all-time favorite, bangles. :)

I've been single for nineteen years now and I'm not planning to change that until I'm twenty-five.

I love my family, my friends and my God.

That's about it.
And oh, I like crowns and pink. ♥
(See that tat over there? HAH!)